‘Manjula’ Pothos

Hi Everyone, First quarter of the Year 2020 is almost over! Let us hope the coming days and months bring back healthy environment, comfort, and solace in everyone's life. Now, to the actual blog... If your name happens to be Manjula, rejoice!! You have a plant in your name!! Really... I am not kidding... 🙂 … Continue reading ‘Manjula’ Pothos

Photographer, An Ambassador Of Time

Today is March 20, 2020. Why did I pick photography as the topic for today's blog? March 20 happens to be the International Day of Happiness. Tell me, who doesn't smile when they know their photograph is being taken?! And smile typically is an expression of happiness (unless it is a fake / forced smile; … Continue reading Photographer, An Ambassador Of Time

My Experiments with Henna Tattoos

It's mid-week already! Happy Wednesday, everybody... During the weekend, I had some time on my hands as I was feeling a bit under the weather. I thought of giving Henna tattoos a shot to keep myself occupied. Links below provide a little bit of background on Henna and henna tattoos: Origin & History of HennaTypes … Continue reading My Experiments with Henna Tattoos

Divine Love

February 14 is celebrated as Valentine's Day all over the world. Even though the common perception is that this day is for lovers, there are so many different relationships that can be celebrated on this day e.g., love for parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, children, and grandchildren and so on. I had written about Bhakti / … Continue reading Divine Love

Bhakti Bhavana & Its Types

Before I start this blog-post, let me tell you what prompted me to write it.On February 09, 2020, "Guru Ravidas Jayanthi' event popped up on my mobile's Calendar App. This rang a bell in my mind; my Yoga Guru at SVYASA Yoga University, Smt. Rashmi Bapat, while teaching us Narada Bhakti Sutras (NBS) course had … Continue reading Bhakti Bhavana & Its Types

Change for the Better

Happy Friday, Folks. I received a beautiful write-up on WhatsApp, which brightened my day. So, I thought of sharing it with all of you... Yes, I am changing... After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, my friends, now I have started loving myself. Yes, I am changing... I just realised that I … Continue reading Change for the Better

Fashion is Cyclical

While having some 'me' time last weekend, I was channel surfing and a particular channel playing Hindi songs from the 70s caught my fancy. The lyrics, melodious tune, sweet singing, well choreographed and enacted songs were indeed a treat. I watched a few songs. As the camera lens zoomed in on the heroine's face, I … Continue reading Fashion is Cyclical

Sudden Demise of a Loving Mother, Wife, and a Talented, Versatile Actress, Sridevi

Today, we woke up to the shocking news of the demise of fine actress of Indian Cinema, Sridevi (https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/sridevi-bollywood-legend-condoled-by-prime-minister-narendra-modi-others-after-sudden-death-1816912) It sounds clichéd to say We grew up watching her movies... We did though... Be it Sadma, Mr. India, Lamhe, or Chandni to her latest ones, English Vinglish (One of my favorites) or Mom. She indeed … Continue reading Sudden Demise of a Loving Mother, Wife, and a Talented, Versatile Actress, Sridevi

True Meaning of Beauty

Happy Friday, Folks... If you remember, I had introduced the fictional female protagonist, Maitri in one of my earlier blogs (Maitri A Symbolic Female Protagonist). This article is going to look at true meaning of beauty through her eyes. Maitri was at a wedding reception function a few days back. Given the type of the … Continue reading True Meaning of Beauty