Photographer, An Ambassador Of Time

Today is March 20, 2020. Why did I pick photography as the topic for today’s blog? March 20 happens to be the International Day of Happiness. Tell me, who doesn’t smile when they know their photograph is being taken?! And smile typically is an expression of happiness (unless it is a fake / forced smile; let us leave such smiles aside for now). So, photographer makes people smile, smile means happiness and hence today’s blog post’s topic is photographer and photography. 🙂

I liked photography and being photographed from my childhood. My Mom’s elder Brother, Mr. AnanthaRaman, an engineer by profession (worked for CMTI and is retired now) was passionate about photography. He is a very jovial person who made us laugh with his witty remarks / narratives. I being the first kid on my Mother’s family side, my Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents doted on me! My Uncle, whenever he visited us would bring his camera and a few film rolls (those were Analog Camera days) and take pictures of me and our families. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for all my childhood photos; if he didn’t capture those moments, I wouldn’t have been able to revisit that golden-phase!

Thank you, Camera Mava for my childhood photos!

Since I associated my Uncle with Photography and Camera so much, I called him ‘Camera Mama‘ (Mama means Uncle) ever since I started speaking and that name stuck; quite a few of my younger cousins also call him by that name.

He was also the unofficial yet photographer-in-charge for all the family functions e.g., my Aunts and Uncles weddings, naming ceremonies, and religious functions. I remember pestering him to take my photos during those functions. He would oblige and take some; later when I crossed my quota of the day, he would trick me by putting on the flash! Those days, a click meant a lot; film rolls costed quite a bit; angle and lighting and moment had to be perfect. There was no review option; no delete and reclaim memory option; photographers needed to know how to use the lense effectively. Hats off to those hard-core photographers! Digital and smart-phone cameras and all the photo-editing apps have made photography a breeze provided you have a keen eye for the details, which is the fundamental criteria no matter what.

My romance with photography took more force when I got hold of my own camera and established firmly with smart-phone camera! 🙂 Much to the annoyance of my family, I pause and take photos of things that capture my fancy wherever I go. On our vacations, I do the same; I would have stopped somewhere to take some snaps, my family members would have gone further only to realize I am not with them!! One good thing is that both my kids love photography; my elder son learned photography out of sheer passion; he even held a ‘How to Photograph’ sessions at Just Books local library and his brother follows suit. But, our favorite subjects for photography differ though; they don’t like filming people and dislike selfies / groupies 🙂 And I like photographing both living and non-living things, selfies / groupies included!

Yes, I might loose the actual enjoyment of the scenes / moments while trying to capture those, but I want to preserve those moments either to show those to others (who I know like such photos) or just for my own memory-sake.

Now, I am going to tell you about an awesome, gifted, passionate, and professional photographer Babu G. S. from my hometown, Mysuru, India. My family and I got to know him through the photos of my kids he had taken at their school as he happened to be the official photographer of the school. We happened to interact with him during School Day functions too given my interest in photography. Later down the lane, we had a religious function (Upanayana / Thread ceremony of my younger son) and we were looking for a professional photographer and we thought of checking with Babu if he does photography for such events. Much to our happiness, he obliged; he visited us and took the details of the functions. And he goes by the tagline, Ambassador of Time! So apt for his profession!! He was there for the event on time with his tools and team. We just showed him around; he asked us to carry on with our tasks and he would take care of the photography aspect. He not only captured moments, but added humour to the entire function. When group photographs were being taken, he taught us how to smile a real smile (not the usual ‘Say Cheese’ tag line). He and his team member didn’t even think about their coffee / tea breaks, lunch time etc. (we had to remind them to take breaks) as they didn’t want to miss photographing any important moment of this event, which was so important to us. A few moments captured by this ace photographer especially the candid shots (see below) are the proof of his talent.

The person wearing glasses in this photo is my Uncle AnanthaRaman who is the ace photographer of our family, captured by another awesome photographer Babu GS
With my HighSchool friends and their family

After this function, we became more like family; we met with his wife Lakshmi and son Daivik. We interacted with each other. His wife is such a lovely, caring, and kind lady and son is very intelligent, bright, and good kid (he has won many accolades in Math, Science, and English at his school).

Babu GS, Lakshmi, and Daivik

Babu G.S. conducts photography workshops, he is very active in Photographers associations, and is a judge for many of the photography competitions. For him, it is not just a profession, it is his passion. When one’s passion becomes profession, the wonders one can do and heights one can reach is limitless and Babu exemplifies this fact!

Recently, he got awarded the Best Photographer in the Dasara 2019 Photography competition, another feather in his cap!! It is indeed a proud moment for him, his family, and all the people who know him.

Babu GS, the winner of Best Photographer award, Dasara 2010 Photography Contest

Hearty congratulations from all us proud Mysureans, Babu…

We wish you and your family all the success in both personal and professional fronts.

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