Welcome to Manjushaa Academy.

Devi Saraswathi,
the Hindu Goddess of
Knowledge, Wisdom, and Learning

Manjusha is a Samskruta (=> Sanskrit) word and one of its meanings is Treasure Box or a Box of Jewels.

Dictionary meaning of the word, Academy is a place of study or training in a special field.

As long as we live in this world, we are the students of the academy called Life! If we strive to find some jewels, then our lives will be meaningful.

That’s why this blog site is named Manjushaa.Academy.

The tagline of Manjushaa.Academy is Everything in between… So, the intent is to provide insightful articles on various topics related to Life, Death, and Everything in Between. We also have a YouTube Channel with the same motto, https://youtube.com/c/ShevadhiTreasure (Shevadhi is a Samskrita word that means, ‘Divine Treasure’).

Please do share your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions with us.

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New Year, New Us (Hopefully A Better Version)

We have embarked on yet another year, 2021 with hopes for a better, healthier, happier, and safer world! (Check out Self-transformation Tools video on our YouTube Channel, Shevadhi). The year 2020 proved to a challenging phase for everyone in the entire world due to the pandemic. Despite the difficulties and losses, it also made us … Continue reading New Year, New Us (Hopefully A Better Version)

BhagavadGita Motivates to Mind the Mind

Our Mind or Manas is a wonderful thing as long we can control it! Mind is often compared with a monkey (Mana Markatah), which is constantly jumping from tree to tree / hopping from a branch to another on a tree. Like this monkey’s behavior, mind tends to switch between various thoughts. It is the … Continue reading BhagavadGita Motivates to Mind the Mind

BhagavadGita’s Tips to Tame Temptations

Temptation basically means, “an urge to do something that is wrong / unwise.” A more relatable example would be (especially now that we are in holiday season and the New Year is approaching and people getting ready for New Year Resolutions!! :-)) a strong urge to eat a favorite pastry / sweet / dish loaded … Continue reading BhagavadGita’s Tips to Tame Temptations

BhagavadGita’s Pointers to Procure Peace

Peace isn’t just freedom from war and violence. If we look more closely, we are constantly battling various emotions / thoughts within our mind. We are on a perpetual hunt for peace and happiness. When the mind and senses aren’t in our control, we can be easily disturbed by anything / anyone around us. When … Continue reading BhagavadGita’s Pointers to Procure Peace

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